The coat of arms and the inscription ATTENDITE were placed on the tower of municipal  building upon its completion in1893. The  inscription and coat of arms  date back to 1774. when the Empress Maria Theresa founded Velikokikindski Privileged District, which meant significant economic and political benefits, and liberties for population of Kikinda.

Originally Attendite means "guard", and in free translation "take care of what you have received": After the World War II, it was broken off and removed from the municipal tower. It was reinstalled in the last century's mid-eighties, at the initiative of Milorad Giri?, an archaeologists and then director of National Museum of Kikinda. It was made again in plaster, by referring to authentic photographs, by sculptor Boris Ivancev - a conservator, then employed at the Regional Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Novi Sad. Letters ATTENDITE were covered with thin gold foil "Katherine Gold".

Since then it has been repaired and restored several times. Today it still stands on municipal tower with a message that never gets old.


Through the already published books of architect Biserka Ilijašev, Kikinda was seen by an expert eye of an architect who spent her entire worktime with invaluable and until now largely preserved architectural wealth of this town. Books were written in the spirit of not only professionals but also citizens of Kikinda. Issued books and those whose handwriting is waiting for better economic days, make the whole of the town which is known for its architecture and which has its own identity. They give plenty of information about the town that was planned and developed so far are planning to develop. We hope that the authorities of this town, in the difficult times of global economic crisis, recognized the importance of the cycle of books issued and planned to issue. Books are artifacts, written words, drawings and photographs, on which the architectural wealth of Kikinda can be renewed even if you neglect to be destroyed. They are written for residents, professionals, colleagues and government representatives about the architectural wealth of the town witch breathes glare of Europe for more than 2.5 centuries

a wise and powerful word, profound and well-intentioned, warning and binding;

a reliable and cautious word, calm and thorough, credible and eternal;

a caring and convincing word, strong and important, succinct and ???;

a word actualized by work of persistent, talented and experienced researcher, like a sign on the path travelled by rare dedicated people of their profession - one of them being the architect, Biserka Ilijasev.

ATTENDITE is a word that inspired me and compelled me to spend a lot of time turning over the pages of vocabulary, researching elementary but also wider, meanings and interpretations, which are based on Latin language and ancient civilization. Most of today's living languages use the same verb and its forms with identical or very similar meanings, as in everyday life, as well as in various professional fields, including the latest, artificially created languages. To me, the most interesting is its  imperative form: Attendite - its meaning, the position in a sentence,  and punctuation determine whether it is a warning, an appeal, request, demand, order, or cruel command.

ATTENDITE is also an appeal to those who have forgotten their roots - to look around them and refresh their personal and collective historical memory; it's also a bid: to save what was inherited from our ancestors, leave it to our descendants, and to develop awareness of values of the entire cultural heritage in present, with emphasis on the architecture of the past, because people who don't respect their past - cannot expect a better future.



Kikinda deserves, expects and DEMANDS it!

Spomenka Milosevic, B. Sc. Eng. Architecture, Senior Conservator,

Kraljevo, Reviewer of the Thematic Journal No. 4 ATTENDITE  

Biserka Ilijašev

O autoru
Although there are only a few professionals
especially urbanists – architects who, in their own town,
are awarded a prize for many years of work,

of the municipality of Kikinda

was awarded to BISERKA ILIJASEV for the outstanding results in urbanism and architecture, on the 27th of December, 2012.    
Kikinda deserves, expects and demands it!
Biserka Ilijašev © 2010.  All rights reserved. Reproduction of photographs and drawings without the consent of the author is forbidden.
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