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Published and new books of the architect Biserka Ilijašev are parts of the story of the founding, urban and architectural development of Kikinda. Through the power of the written word, photographs and drawings, the author tells us a compeling story about the this part of Kikinda’s cultural milieu, conveying the message that the present and the future are based on architectural heritage and tradition and that they encourage new ideas about Kikinda as a town that carefully protects and develops its identity. These books are for everyone: for the young, for architecture students, colleagues from Kikinda, the people and visitors of Kikinda, they could be a nice gift for a dear guest, friend or relative, business partner or a nice souvenir from this town

Historical archive: Istorijski arhiv
Usefull links:
Istorijski arhiv Kikinda The Historical Archive, Kikinda
Narodni muzej Kikinda   presentation of Museum, Kikinda
Opština Kikinda   The Municipality of Kikinda, the official presentation
Međuopštinski zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture, Subotica
The Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute, Subotica
Republički zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture, Beograd
The Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade
DaNS  The Organization of Architects Novi Sad
Historical archive: The Historical Archive 23300 Kikinda, 21 Srpskih Dobrovoljaca Square
tel.0230/22 187;  439-835

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Dragomir Tomin, the Historical Archive Director
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