Serbian Orthodox Church in Kikinda is dedicated to St. Nicolas. It is under the protection of the state since 1948.

It was built in 1769 and is one of the oldest remaining objects from the time. It replaced the old small church that had been half dug into the ground on a small mound that was called EKEIDA. Five years later, its bell tower was constructed and covered with speltered tin – an inappropriate cover for religious objects of the time (since there was a lack of financial support). Finances for an appropriate tower weren’t gathered in a long time. The small covering lasted for almost 100 years. In 1981, it was replaced with a tall, lavish baroque tower, typical of Orthodox temples in Vojvodina, with the help of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute from Novi Sad. The lavish baroque tower of Serbian Orthodox Church, constructed in 1981.

Baroque rood screen, the work of the engraver Marković, was placed in 1770s. It is speculated that the icons in the rood screen are the work of Jakov Orfelin. They were made in 1773.

The special values of this temple are the wall paintings on the north and the south wall of the church - the work of Teodor Ilić – Češljar, from 1790/91. The depiction of the last supper is on its north wall and the resurrection of Christ is on the south. The both paintings are made in Češljar’s late period (as is the painting of Holy Trinity is Bačko Petrovo Selo) and they are the only remaining paintings of this master. They are all outstanding Serbian works of arts.

Serbian Orthodox Church is on a natural pedestal, surrounded by rich greenery. The fence around the church was taken off after WW II. After the renovation of the town square, the position of the church on a natural pedestal has been emphasized and it accentuates the oldest cultural resource in Kikinda.

It became an immovable property of outstanding value for the Republic of Serbia in 1990.

St. Nicolas’s Serbian Orthodox Church has the central position within the town square

Baroque rood screen, the work of Jakov Orfelin

Serbian Orthodox Church on a natural pedestal, surrounded by rich greenery

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