Maria Theresa of Austria, in 1774, by a special charter, formed the VELIKOKIKINDKI PRIVILEGED DISTRICT, a special organizational unit with headquarters in Kikinda. It was a special form of regional self-government within the Habsburg Monarchy, which guaranteed the inhabitants considerable political, economic and religious freedoms and privileges. The most important of the regulations was the one that promised the inhabitants of the District that they “would never be sold, pawned or estranged in any way.”  

The Magistracy of the Velika Kikinda Privileged District didn’t have its own building at first. The idea of constructing the building now known as “KURIJA” appeared in 1790, but it was decided to have it built in 1825. The construction and the obtaining of the material were slow because of various administrative and financial difficulties. It was built in the period between 1836 and 1839. The parquet in the grand hall and the large stone coat of arms were finally added in 1841.

The KURIJA building is a splendid architectural object of classicistic style. On the ground floor, there is the monumental main entrance with a beautiful gate and a unique doorknob. A stone coat of arms weighing 2000 kg is built in the gable of the building. Lifting and building in such a heavy stone block the gable wasn’t easy. The difficulties were overcome by determination and without modern instruments and equipment, but that process prolonged the construction.

Immovable property of outstanding importance for the Republic of Serbia

The coat of arms
of the District

KURIJA – the building of the Magistracy
of the Privileged District of Velika Kikinda

The monumental einfahrt gate of Kurija

A doorknob made especially for this large gate

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