VODICE CHURCH has a cult status for the people of Kikinda.

It is a small church constructed in the middle of the 19th century, in 1865. Four wells were dug on a plateau above it. The wells were connected to a pump in the church. The townsmen noticed that the water from the wells has special, healing effects. People who washed their faces with the water felt better. They started praying for the cure or the protection against illness. Soon the sick started coming to the church from other parts of the country, especially for religious holidays. They would wash with the water from the wells, and they called it holy.

VODICE CHURCH is 3 km away from Kikinda, in a hollow below the embankment of the Kikinda Canal. There are the church, the lodging houses and the guard’s house. It’s known as VODICE CHURCH UPON TEKIJE. The term TEKIJE originates from the name for a Muslim dervish monastery (TEKKE). It originates from the times when the Turks were in the Balkans and Turkish caravans rested next to the church. The name remained even when the Turks had left.

It is architecturally interesting and minute. It was constructed on lowers grounds than the wells. Next to it, there are lodging houses dug in the ground so that the sick and the visitors from other regions could spend the night there. The guard’s house is on a plain above the church. It is a low earth rammed house, with characteristics of the oldest type of Pannonian architecture.

The compound has been under protection since 1978, and in 1991, it became an IMMOVABLE PROPERTY OF OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA.

Vodice Church in the hollow of Kikinda Canal

Church "Vodice"

The lodging houses next to the church, dug into the ground

The steps that lead to the plateau where a cross and the guard’s house are

Cross plateau

The tower of Vodice Church

Church interior, with the pump that connects the wells

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