Home entrances – doors are a landmark of special value among the architectural gems of Kikinda. They have a special name in Vojvodina – einfahrts. An einfahrt (from German) denotes a large covered hallway leading into the backyard and a large gate through which carts can enter.

It is characteristic of the late 19th and early 20th century architecture in Vojvodina. It was necessary because all objects were built in a line, so it was the only way of entering the house.

Einfahrt, or an entrance to the backyard through the house’s ground floor is commonly used in modern architecture (in a family home or in some modern apartment and business buildings). The traditional elements inspire architects more and more. Einfahrts have large dimensions: their width is usually larger than 2.3 m, often between 3 and 3.5 m; their height is between 4 and 5 m, usually 4.5 m. Einfahrts have many artistic details in wood, glass and iron, which should be elaborated in more detail.

Decorative doorknobs (each of them is unique, corresponding to the architectural style in which the particular object is built) are the first encounter one has with doors and einfahrts. Fine plasticity, smoothness and splendor complete the beauty and the value of the whole. In the town center and everywhere in town, many of them remain.

All this and many more stories, photographs, details, drawings and information about doors and einfahrts could be found on the pages of this book.

The building of the Municipality of Kikinda

Einfahrt of Count Vincahidi’s building
 (today the building of the National Library)

Budišin’s palace, an einfahrt

The entrance portal of Varađanin’s villa

Every DOORKNOB, ARTISTICALLY and functionally modeled, fits the palm as if it were its integral part

Vila grofa Vincahidija, crteži ajnforta i unutrašnjih vrata
Varađanin’s villa, the drawing of the main entrance
Budišin’s palace, the drawing of the einfahrt
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