Milan (1860 – 1946) and Đorđe (1897 – 1971) TABAKOVIĆ are father and son. They belong to the group of excellent architects who worked in Vojvodina in the late 19th and early 20th century. They were born in Arad, Romania, educated in Vienna and Pest. They created their greatest architectural works in the towns of Banat (both Serbian and Romanian) and the whole of Vojvodina, out of which the majority is in Novi Sad. Their constructions are a part of the rich architectural heritage of Kikinda.

The theme edition of the ATTENDITE magazine dedicated to architecture of their objects in Kikinda. Milan is one of the most prolific architects of the secessionist style. Lepedat’s palace is one of his greatest architectural works. He constructed two more objects: the building of the National Bank (the former building of the Tax Administration Bureau) and the “Zvezda” movie theater. Their objects are masterly decorated with architectural details, especially successful mosaics.

Đorđe was one of the pioneers of modernism in Serbia. In Kikinda, there are three objects built in modernist style: the boarding school of Holy Trinity Monastery (now a part of Đura Jakšić Elementary School), the rectory of Serbian Orthodox Church in the style of late romanticism, Sokolana (now “Partizan”), a successfully renovated part of a former town tavern with modernist elements on its grand entrance. He also worked as a scenographer, book designer, interior designer, teacher and painter.

Tabaković award given by the Association of Novi Sad Architects to architects from Vojvodina for outstanding architectural accomplishments for techniques and technology in construction of architectural objects, for educating the young, essay writing and critical publications, social practice and architects’ organizations for affirmation of architecture was established in 1994.

All this and many more stories, photos, details, drawings, information about Milan and Ðorđe Tabaković and their constructions in Kikinda can be found in the ATTENDITE magazine, theme edition 4 from 2007.

The building of the National Bank (the IRS building today)

Lepedat’s palace, 41 Kralja Petra Street

Tabaković award

The “Zvezda” movie theater (Rodić supermarket now), 38 Kralja Petra Street

The Rectory, 5 Generala Drapšina Street

Sokolana (“Partizan” today),
23 Srpskih Dorovoljaca Square

The boarding school (a part of Đura Jakšić Elementary School), 16 Svetozara Miletića Street

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